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Welcome to Unati ! Congratulations on taking the first step of becoming an entrepreneur*. What can this mean - a little extra cash, a need to excel or you are already a seasoned seller and want more avenues to sell your products.

Whatever be the reason, you are at the right place,!!

Relax! and let us do heavy lifting of marketing and advertising of your products. With Unati you give your customers one more avenue to showcase your brand or create a brand value.

Plus, it’s free for you to open your store, you can list few products or millions of products, choice is yours!!

How to enroll?

  • Submit your vendor account application.
  • Specify “0 transaction fee” in the Description field of your application.
  • Get an email notification with your vendor panel login and password.
  • Showcase your products in our marketplace for free.
  • We do not charge you for listing your products no matter you list one product or millions of product.

*Entrepreneur refers to becoming seller/vendor on

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