Welcome to Unati!

Creating opportunities for everyone .

India is the country of  oldest civilization in history, we at Unati believe everyone born in India definitively has some skills, be it at arts, crafts, designing or creating an unique product. These Indian skills have the potential to fulfill someone's need. Be it locally or across the country or internationally. Our mission is to provide a platform to Indian sellers who have the skills with need to Indian and global market. We aim to provide wholesale and retail platform to service customers in India and abroad.

With that said we are the pioneers in next generation marketplace both in delivery and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide a platform to include & uplift the people responsible for conserving hundreds of years old Indian art, craftsmanship along with today's ‘Make in India’ products. We want to build a long-lasting portal for best buying experience and highest level of customer satisfaction.

We believe in providing few niche products ranging from health and wellness to best in class fashion designer products.

Health and wellness

Our brands combine ancient Ayurveda knowledge along with careful consideration of what is best for our customers, what is best for society and what is best for the planet, both today and for generations to come. Every Organic product sold on Unati is meticulously crafted to be potent, full of life and capable of supporting health and wellness for our customers. Wellness is more than just a lack of illness, it’s about vibrancy, purpose, harmony and a genuine feeling of being happy and healthy.

Wellness goes beyond the physical self, instead focusing on the whole being—body, mind and spirit—through reducing toxins in the body and in the environment, managing stress, increasing immunity and vitality, moving your body in natural ways, reducing the cost of illness, exercising your mind body connection, relating authentically to all beings and living more fully.

Every time you enjoy an ORGANIC Tulsi Infusion or one of our organic herbal supplements, you can feel confident that you’re supporting your own wellness, the wellness of others, the wellness of the planet and the wellness of our future. To name a few products we have Tulsi tea, Moringa powder, Ashwagandha etc which can provide you with immunity, balance in dosha’s and thrive your health. All the organic products sold on Unati are responsibly and ethically grown by small family farmers in India using organic, regenerative agriculture providing a life of dignity while revitalizing communities and the environment.


We have selected a few designers on Unati who preserve the hundreds of years old art like zardozi, minakari used in todays fashion design. Some of the most talented fashion designers who have reshaped the boundaries of ethnic and western wear. Their brands have created some of the best distinctive, eccentric & exclusive stances.

On the forefront of fashion and design, here at Unati we have one of the country’s best and finest fashion designers!! One of the creative line of designer wear includes crem dela crem prêt & couture !!! Which is a well-known name in fashion industry and provides his line of designer clothing to Bollywood’s well know actors and actress. This designer art & craft makes it impossible for the customers and art lovers to resist the length and breaths his talent.

Our products always focus on latest trendy styles to daily wear. You can find high end fashionable products to daily wear apparels for both men, women and kids.

To complement designer clothing Unati also offers fashion jewelry for special occasions to daily wear. You can gift it to your girlfriend, wife or dear ones or on special occasions like wedding, mother’s day, valentine day. Here at Unati you will find special packages for special occasions!

Modern technology and health

Aligning to our core values we also offer modern fitness trend items like fitness gadgets. Everyday household items which can help our dear ones do work at ease.

Superior technology for peace of mind

Ø We build and invest in some of the finest protection available for your shopping experience

Ø Next-level encryption keeps transactions heavily guarded from fraud

Ø We use best in class SSL encryption for your payment needs

Ø We monitor transactions 24/7. So rest easy — even when you let your guard down, we won’t

Ø We protect you from checkout to delivery and use the latest anti-fraud technology to help spot problems before they happen

Ø We never reveal your financial info to sellers

Ø We offer buyer protection - If something goes wrong with an order, we’ll reimburse you for the full purchase price plus any original shipping costs* Purchase Protection covers all eligible purchases where payments are made through our website

Overall our focus is to make an imprint in Indian market providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in terms of quality products and delivery on time. We would like to see our marketplace grow exponentially based on your reviews and satisfaction level.